Physical Therapy Assistant Schools in Arapahoe NE

The healthcare sector is a highly sought after career for many people, but many don't think of some of the more obscure or just less popular forms of healthcare. One such important piece of the healthcare system are physical therapists. Physical therapy schools in Arapahoe NE train therapists who work on the mobility of people of all ages, from infant to elder.

Most of these patient's issues can stem from the inability of people to function in their daily lives, but physical therapy can also be used to prevent these issues from happening in the first place.

Recommended Physical Therapy Schools in Nebraska

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  • Post-Masters Cert: Exercise Science and Health Promotion: Rehabilitation Science
  • MS: Exercise Science and Health Promotion: Rehabilitation Sciences

Being A Physical Therapist in Arapahoe NE

physical therapy assistant Arapahoe NEThe day-to-life of a physical therapist can vary a lot. Sometimes you'll be meeting new patients and doctors to develop plans for treating their problems, but other times you'll spend the whole day with your patients to reduce their pain, restore bodily movements, and prevent disabilities from occurring.

You'll also need to provide at home programs for patients to work on their own mobility without your assistance. There is more to your work than what you see in the movies. You'll spend a lot of time researching and planning your sessions with patients just like teachers spend a lot of time outside the classroom to plan their lessons.

If you don't wish to be the sole person responsible for someone's well-being then there is also the option of becoming a physical therapy assistant. PTA's are there to assist the physical therapist in their duties, from researching treatments to working with patients one on one under their direction. There is less responsibility but with many of the benefits.

Physical therapists can work in many different locations, including clinics such as ATI Physical Therapy. Other places are hospitals and rehab centers as well as doctor's offices and large, well financed sports programs.

Physical Therapy Education in Arapahoe NE

All those wishing to become a physical therapist must complete their education prior to entering the workforce. Many healthcare professions require a Bachelor's degree or less, but physical therapy isn't one of them. Due to the complexities of the science, you'll need a Doctor in Physical Therapy degree to be a physical therapist.

If you wish to enter this field without a doctorate, then an alternative may be massage therapy. They aren't the same, but do have similar goals.
The DPT program will take you 3 years to complete, assuming you've already received a bachelor's degree. Your combined total education will take about 7 years to complete, but does vary a little. Some of your coursework may include:

  • Biology
  • Physiology
  • Behavioral science
  • Finance
  • Neuroscience
  • Kinesiology
  • Exercise physiology

Most physical therapy assistant schools in Arapahoe NE will require you to earn your bachelor's degree before being accepted into the Doctorate program, but a select few will accept freshman right out of high school. Curriculum is made up of classroom experience (about 80%) and lab experience (about 20%). You'll also spend about 27.5 weeks in your final clinical learning experience.

Physical Therapy Programs in Arapahoe NE

It is very important to select the best program for you. There are various choices, but the first you should think about is that it really is CAPTE accredited. You may be not able to sit the licensing examination unless you are attending a school with a CAPTE accredited program, and you will not be able to practice without licensure.

You'll also have to consider the program structure as well as the kinds of hands-on (clinical) experience you will receive. Ideally, you must select the program together with the expertise you desire to work in after, or maybe you'll need to the program with the most diverse experience.

Some other considerations to make:

  • Campus Location
  • Class size
  • Faculty quality
  • Licensing exam pass rate
  • Employment assistance
  • Financial aid

All these are things you should consider while choosing physical therapy schools in Arapahoe NE, but the most crucial consideration to keep in mind is to be comfortable where you are learning. If you are not comfortable, it's going to make learning more challenging.